A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 3 Scene 2 – part I

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Lesson 7 – Two men in love with the same woman


To start the lesson, the students will describe a famous painting by Edwin Landseer and they will try to recognise the characters from the previous scene. They will then predict Oberon’s reaction when Puck is going to tell him that Titania is in love with an ass. The students will have the opportunity to perform the beginning of the scene in front of the class, to understand the dialogue between Puck and Oberon. Then, a challenging exercise will help them understand what is happening in that scene and will challenge their spelling skills at the same time. We will then draw and discuss a diagram to represent the complicated relationships between the four Athenians. After this, the students will have to think about the story and challenge their grammar skills to guess what are the missing words in the text.
The students will again have the opportunity to perform in front of the class, this time the extract of the scene when Lysander and Demetrius are both declaring their love to Helena. Finally, the students will identify the metaphors in an extract and match some quotations in old and modern English. As a plenary, you will need post-it notes so the students can write down a sentence in old English on it.
Homework – more practice on metaphors and similes.



You will get :

A full lesson presentation

A homework sheet 

 Oberon and Puck’s dialogue in Act 3 Scene 2 

 Lysander, Demetrius and Helena’s scene in Act 3 Scene 2 





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