A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 3 Scene 1

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Lesson 6 – An improbable love story


The lesson starts with a 3 minutes challenge to extend the students’ vocabulary on words used to describe groups of animals. Then, we will watch a short extract of a SparkNote video to understand what is happening in that scene. The students will write a short paragraph in their books to explain who the characters are and what is happening. We will then discuss the difference between a donkey and an ass, as students usually have passionate debates on this topic when they read that scene. We will then reflect on Shakespeare’s choice, why a donkey and not another animal ? The students will then read an extract of the scene, which starts when Titania wakes up and sees Bottom. They will have to highlight the images and the adjectives she uses to describe him, and we will talk about similes and metaphors. The students will show their understanding of what a metaphor is by identifying some in a text. As a plenary, the students will have to find various metaphors on given topics.
Homework – creative writing.



You will get :

A full lesson presentation

A homework sheet 

 An extract of Act 3 Scene 1 





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