A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 2 Scene 2

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Lesson 5 – Puck’s mistake


The lesson starts with an exciting word search with key words from the play.  Then, we will watch a short extract of a SparkNote video to understand what that scene is about. We will then draw a diagram to understand the complicated relationships between the characters and what is Puck’s mistake. After this, the students will have an opportunity to perform the scene in front of the class to help them understand the misunderstanding. We will then focus on the tone used in that scene, is it formal or informal ? Two slides will focus on the characteristics of both tones and the students will be asked to rewrite the dialogue between Helena and Lysander into modern English, using the tone of their choice. Finally, in pairs, the students need to create formal and informal sentences.
Homework – rewrite the letter using formal language.



You will get :

A full lesson presentation

A homework sheet 

 An extract of Act 2 Scene 2 

 A formal/informal writing tips worksheet

 A word search for the starter activity




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