A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 1 Scene 2

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Lesson 3 – Act 1 Scene 2


The lesson starts with a short quiz about William Shakespeare’s life. Then, we will watch the performance of the Royal Shakespeare Company and follow the script with our text at the same time to discover this scene and understand what is happening (the homework task will be linked to the RSC and the students will be asked to do a research to know more about it.). The students will then reflect on the name ‘the mechanicals’ and list what it reminds them of. We will study the scene deeper and identify the role and the profession of each character. Then ,the students will discover what the story of Pyramus and Thisbe is about by solving a challenging ‘fill in the gaps’ exercise. Finally, we will focus on the music and on the work of Felix Mendelssohn, looking at the instruments and his Overture.
Homework – guided research on the RSC.

This lesson can be easily adapted to be a cross-curricular activity with a Music teacher. 



You will get :

A full lesson presentation

A homework sheet 

 The extract of Act 1 Scene 2 




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